Moving to or within Haarlem

You can arrange your move online at your own convenience. You have to send certain documents together with your notice of relocation. If you are renting or buying a house, send the complete tenancy agreement or purchase agreement, including the part with your signature and that of the landlord or seller. Documents that are initialled will not be processed. A draft copy of the purchase agreement will not be accepted. If you are moving in with someone else, a shared household declaration and a copy of an identity document of the main occupant must be sent together with the notice of relocation. Where a household includes children, one of the parents can pass on the relocation details of their child(ren). You must pass on your new address within five days after your move.

Once your notice of relocation has been processed, you will receive confirmation in writing.

At this moment it's not possible to inform the municipality of a move at the self-service desk in the municipal service centre. This is due to a malfunction of the system.

Arrange your move online or call to make an appointment, 14 023 (monday to friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

You need a DigiD login code in order to submit a declaration online.

Arrange online If you are renting or buying a house, send the complete tenancy agreement or purchase agreement. You can also arrange your parking permit(s) here.

Who can give notice of a move?

Persons aged 16 and above give notice of a move themselves. It is also possible to give notice on behalf of someone else:

  • cohabiting spouse or registered partner: for each other
  • parent, guardian or carer: for children younger than 16 (one of the parents can give notice of the move)
  • persons older than 16: for parents who live with them
  • guardian: for a person placed under guardianship
  • healthcare institution or attorney: for a person who is moving to a healthcare institution

Removal date

  • You must notify the municipal authorities of your new address within five days after your move. If you send your notice of relocation later than five days after your move, the notification date is taken as the removal date.
  • You can pass on your change of address from four weeks before your move.
  • You will receive written confirmation that your notice of relocation has been processed within one week after the date of your address change. During busy periods this may take several weeks. Please contact us if you have not received confirmation within four weeks.
  • Please make allowances for a longer processing time if you are moving to Haarlem from another municipality.

Shared household declaration

If you are moving in with someone else, the main occupant of your new address must give their permission. You can arrange this directly online. With your notice of relocation, you must also send a declaration signed by the main occupant and a copy of a valid identity document of the main occupant.

Shared household declaration (pdf attachment with your notice of relocation)

Removal and parking

If you give notice of your move online, you can arrange your parking permit(s) at the same time and request a temporary parking permit for your new address.

Are you moving to an area where parking permits are required, and do you want to apply for a parking permit? In such cases, if you give notice of your move in writing, your notice of relocation first has to be processed before you can request or amend a parking permit.

Parking permits for private individuals

Useful information

As soon as we have processed your change of address, we will pass this information on to other government bodies. On, you can see which government bodies this concerns.